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Massage Therapy in Mission

Dominique is accepting new and returning ICBC patients.

Patients with ICBC claim numbers are entitled to partial coverage of 12 registered massage therapy sessions, provided they are all completed within the first 12 weeks after the accident. 

To request an extension after the 12 weeks have passed, you have one of the following options:

1) Schedule an extension interview with your RMT on your last ICBC massage therapy session to complete a treatment plan. 
2) Submit a Doctor’s note to your ICBC adjuster to request an extension. An email from your adjuster stating that additional treatments have been approved will be requested by your RMT.

After booking your initial ICBC massage therapy session, you will receive two online intake forms to the email you provided. Please complete both online intake forms before your scheduled appointment. 

On the ICBC intake form, have the following information on hand to include:

- ICBC claim number
- Adjuster’s name and contact (email and phone number)
- Date of accident
- Your personal health number
- Your date of birth

ICBC Rates:
$126 for ICBC Initial Massage Therapy Session - 60 minutes
$100 for ICBC Subsequent Massage Therapy Session - 45 minutes
*GST included

What is covered by ICBC:
$126 is covered for the initial RMT session - 60 minutes
$94.50 is covered for 11 subsequent sessions - 45 minutes

Some insurance companies may cover the remaining amount; however, you need to contact your insurance provider directly to learn more and submit your receipts to them.


ICBC Rate Update – Effective April 1, 2024

60 min ICBC Initial Session.................$131.25
45 min ICBC Subsequent Session.......$105.00
*GST included
What is covered by ICBC:

$131.25 is covered for the initial RMT session – 60 minutes

$98.70 is covered for the 11 subsequent sessions – 45 minutes 

It is recommended that patients see the same RMT for the 12-session series in order to maintain continuity of therapy. If you have received previous RMT treatments related to your accident, your new RMT will need to know the total number of RMT sessions you have had. If you have previously received an extension, please inform your new RMT of the discharge date and total number of approved sessions.

Your treatment will include an interview, assessment, massage therapy, home care, and a proposed treatment plan to help you recover.